Meet The Famiglia

Family is at the core of Italian culture, and the Barista Brothers strives to keep their strong traditions, skills and values.

Alfredo and Mario "Barista Brothers"

Founders of Barista Brothers, Alfredo and Mario began their passionate adventure to discover the essence behind real coffee by opening their first bar in Little Italy. Their journey led them to creating a refreshingly vibrant coffee house, with family values at its heart. Now their continental experience is enjoyed across the globe, whilst maintaining their uniquely high standard.

Mona "Mamma"

Mamma Mona's original recipe books are still referred to today by our deli team. Her traditional homegrown menu has been given a contemporary twist and influences our entire food menu, and many of our drinks.

Sample her infamous Mamma Mia Milkshakes, still using her original secret recipe and blended with authentic italian ice cream, available exclusively at Barista Brothers.

Frederico "Papa"

After working for his family's patisserie in Italy, Federico founded his own ice cream company in the 1950's, and began experimenting with exciting and exotic ingredients from around the world.

Now Papa's Ice Cream Parlor can be found in many of Barista Brother's bars and offers both original recipes and new experimental ice cream flavours. All tested and approved by our family of Barista experts.